Delhi is soon to become India's largest urban conglomerate. By 2021, the population is expected to touch 22.5 million. People are drawn to Delhi from all parts of the country. With India's importance in the global economy growing, Delhi will soon become an international city.

Therefore, the vision for Delhi must be all-inclusive and dynamic. We must think in terms of making Delhi a world city like London, New York and Singapore.

The enabling policy therefore must include the following:

  1. Celebration of unity in diversity for all Indians irrespective of religion, creed, etc.
  2. Upholding egalitarianism in terms of inclusiveness of the poor
  3. One of the foremost environment friendly cities in the world
  4. Blend of old and new must spread to opportunities for coexistence of contemporary and traditional streams of knowledge
  5. Intolerant towards illegal activities, terrorists, etc.
  6. Pro-children, pro-handicapped and pro-senior citizen in all aspects of life

The enabling policy must flow through all government decisions and to be taken for executing the Delhi Master Plan 2021. Its pro-rich features are unmistakable. The policy seems to be designed to suit the interests of the builder community. The withdrawal of DDA from the role as principal housing provider for the poor and middle classes would make Delhi a happy hunting ground for ruthless realtors out to fleece poor and middle class people. Even having a regulator will serve no purpose as the experience with the power and telecom sectors have borne out.

The Master Plan says that there is a need for 400,000 new houses by 2021. Most of these would have to be in vertical structures. We have to ensure that there no corruption involved in the process of building high-rise apartment blocks. There should be stress on improving the quality of the people's lives.

The multiplicity of authorities governing urban policy must be reduced. The Delhi Metro must connect every new housing colony coming up on freed land. There would be scope for building schools, colleges, hospitals, zoos, etc.