Employment & Profession

With the downfall and closing of industrial units due to pollution & sealing of economic entities, it has become very difficult for the Delhi's poor to find viable employment in their own city. At the same time, thousands of people from all over the country arrive each week in search of employment. Thus, we need to take a long-term look at the employment scenario and work out a sustainable programme that helps resolve these issues.

A) Employment generation programmes

A state-level infrastructure development programme should be launched keeping NREGA as the model. The pathetic condition of Delhi's roads and non-existent pavements must be addressed on an immediate basis.

Simultaneously, a scheme modelled on the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana must be started in the jhuggi-jhopri, the newly authorised colonies. Lower income groups living in other colonies (i.e. occupants of servants' quarters, Janata flats, DDA flats, etc.) also benefit heavily from this initiative. Products made by the Self Help Groups under the scheme can be be given tax exemption and protected sales to help them overcome their financial crisis.

B) Self Help Groups

The Atal Bihari Vajpayee Swa Sahayak Goshthi (Self Help Group) Pariyojana should be launched all over Delhi to develop an entrepreneurial spirit among the women of Delhi and make them self-sufficient through micro-finance initiatives. Efforts should be made to link Self-Help Groups under this programme with similar counterparts from other states of India in order to launch a country-wide alliance of SHGs which could translate into collaborations. The products and services generated by the SHGs under the programme will be assured government purchases and protected sales through government outlets.

C) Social Welfare

The Delhi State Social Welfare Department should be overhauled, so as to reduce bureaucracy and increase its output so that the incidence of poverty is reduced. The existing schemes for the benefit of poor families, women, girl children, handicapped persons, elderly persons and orphans should be broadened and made more efficient by reducing corruption. House building grants for poor families in the rehabilitation colonies must be increased.