The Environment

I don't treat the Environment as a separate issue. I think the environment is the biggest problem today and in the time to come it could be the biggest challenge for us to make Delhi a leader in mankind's last effort to stave off climate change. The entire population must be involved in this endeavour. Everything that disturbs the man-nature balance must go, without regard to narrow business interests. A zero tolerance towards environment abuse is the need of the hour. I am already deep into the anti-plastic movement. I think that plastics, contrary to perception, are not "free", but most expensive on the environment. The poor suffer the most from environment degradation and they must be protected from the ill effects of the ostentatious ways of the rich. Every drop of water must be saved through a mass harvesting movement. Recycling facilities must come up in neighbourhoods. Power conservation must be carried out by availing the latest technology in terms of solar power and fuel cells. The Yamuna must be cleaned through a mass movement of volunteers and I will personally offer "Kar Seva" as the Yamuna is one of the most holy rivers for us. Most importantly, the Citizen Youth, or our own children, must be involved to police everyday acts of negligence that are rampant.