Privatisation and High Tariffs

Delhi's power privatisation was a scam of international ramifications. There have been CAG reports highlighting the corruption and deceit employed in the process. A proper inquiry must be lodged to identify the persons responsible for looting the common people of Delhi to the extent of hundreds of Crores of rupees.

At the time of privatisation, the people were assured that the private power distribution companies (DISCOMS) would reduce tariffs by bringing down T&D losses. It is, now, claimed that the Aggregate Technical and Commercial losses in the city between 2002 and 2007 have been reduced from 62 percent to 25 percent in BSES-served areas and from 50 percent to 18 percent in NDPL areas, the DISCOMS have not bothered to reduce tariffs. Why is the Delhi government reneging on its promise?

It is estimated that a 1% reduction in T&D losses generates annual savings of Rs.700- 800 Crore. So, if the losses have come down by 32 per cent, why is the government not forcing the DISCOMS to cut rates?

Cheaper power to poor colonies

The poor are more than willing to pay and most of them do pay. Far more power theft takes place in the richer parts of Delhi.

Being a party of the masses, the BJP will strive for reducing power tariffs in newly authorised colonies and rehabilitation colonies. This will go a long way towards promoting greater upward mobility among the weaker economic groups.

Alternative energy sources

A full-fledged campaign to promote alternative energy sources will be started in Delhi. A project to set up industrial units in the joint sector between Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation and reputed private sector partners for mass manufacture of photo-voltaic cells, reflectors, etc. will be examined. Over the next five years the ground will be prepared for generating solar power for meeting at least 10 % of Delhi's power needs.