Delhi is the city I've always lived in; the city I call home. I take pride in its history and am aware of the important role Delhi and its people have played in shaping India.

Today, Delhi is home to over 17 million people. The city attracts talented men and women from all over the country to set up their base here, as Delhi is not just the Capital, but also the heart of India.

I am among those who believe that Delhi belongs to its people regardless of their cultural and religious backgrounds. I wish to see the day when Delhi gives equal opportunities to all so we can grow and flourish together. We, as Delhiites, must be role models in civilised society. Cleanliness, environmental friendliness and a corruption-free life are the first few steps towards this. Someday, Delhi must be regarded as a "world city", not just in terms of infrastructure and amenities, but as a home to people from all over the country. The only aliens would be crime, prejudice, chicanery and avarice.

Years of indifference towards the common good has resulted in creating a psychological distance between the people and their larger common good. We must give Delhi back to its people. Involve its citizens to make the city a paradise.