Yamuna - Jeevan Dayani Maa

The Yamuna River is sacred to all Indians. However, the river, when it flows through Delhi, is India's shame. Enough has been written about its woes.

The Delhi government's indifference has been the root cause of this problem. The BJP will maintain the sanctity of the river and see that construction is not undertaken on its floodplains. Trees will be planted all along the banks, falling within Delhi state up to a depth of 1 Km wherever possible. These trees would be of local varieties. Such a step would help preserve the underground water channels.

To save the Yamuna, Delhi's sewage disposal system must be improved. At present, 40 percent of Delhi's sewage flows into the Yamuna. This is shameful. Things will have to be rectified on a war footing. Wastewater treatment capacity must be enhanced immediately.

The Yamuna Andolan must be converted into a massive, government-backed social movement. Every technology possible must be introduced to ensure that the future generations are not deprived of the grace of this once-proud river.